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Social Media Timing – Posting what, when?!

Just read the below article from Mashable about when to post on social media networks. Did get us thinking about timing.

How many of us post links after 3pm on a Friday?! Pah. Just don’t bother. Would you be is listening? ;)

Although, with some of our big brand BtoB clients, weekends work better?! So do test your market.


“Want your link to get the most traction on Twitter? Post it on a Monday between 1:00 ...

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How the Muppets used social media for their BIG come-back!

The Muppets are back! On Nov. 23, Walt Disney Pictures is bringing its next live-action Muppet film, aptly-named The Muppets, to movie theatres across the country.

The film release is the culmination of a multi-pronged marketing campaign that has embraced the social and digital spheres, and in the process, helped reinvigorate the Muppet brand.

It’s rare to see such solid execution on so many digital and social channels ...

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Obama is utilizing social media to win in 2012



It’s no secret that President Obama’s 2008 campaign success was due in large part to the overwhelming support of voters age 29 and younger (66%).

By all accounts, winning a second term will be almost impossible without that demographic’s continued support. On the other hand, securing the youth vote will be challenging. As a voting bloc they are historically unpredictable, and their approval of the president ...

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