What We Do

We’re a social media management agency focussing on social media ROI via focussed KPI driven activity. A virtual resource of freelance social media managers available to book on a flexible monthly basis. We work with super brands such as Coke, L’Oreal and Orange, as well as the smallest. Our smallest client is a one man band from Stoke (We love you Dave!).


What we do

Happy Social Media CatWe take your content and do amazing digital things with it to drive engagement, and ultimately web traffic. This Social Media Optimisation (SMO) attitude to driving engagement is incredibly important to most businesses.

Most people use us for a few hours per day as a supplementary resource to boost or run a specific campaign, sometimes to test the social media waters before jumping in.

We can offer full time services but it’s probably cheaper and easier for you to hire someone in-house. We can help there too, ensuring you find the right person with the right skills and attitude.

What we don’t do

Grumpy Social Media CatWe don’t create content. That bit’s down to you, your PR, marketing or Ad agency. However, we can manage content creation on your behalf (writing articles, photography, video production etc.).

Although… we reckon you’ve got loads already, and probably just need us to find it and give it context. There is also an amazing amount of content in the ether awaiting your comment and amplification through your social media channels.

Stating the bleedin’ obvious we know. But. We won’t do anything illicit, illegal or immoral either in the style of content we have to work with, or what we do with it on your behalf.

We Split Our Social Media Management Into 4 Main Sections

Research & Analysis

Want the digital inside track? We have access to industry leading software which enables us to thoroughly research, rate and profile; you or your market, the competition, available opportunities on your digital horizon. ROI measured against on and offline KPIs can then be set, measured and tracked.

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Social Media ROI Frameworks
  • Digital Profiling (HR)
  • Market Analysis

Social Media Strategy

We create social media strategies to maximise the reach of your digital footprint. B2B or B2C, campaign or company specific, we know how to embed social into your business operations and sales strategy to get the right message in front of the right person at the right time. Covering elements such as:

  • Social Media Platform Profiling
  • Audience Strategy (Social CRM)
  • Content Strategy (What, When, Who)
  • Tone Of Voice

Community Management

It’s not rocket science but it is time consuming and you do need to know some of the social media finagles to get it right. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter?

We can manage all social media platforms and dashboards (with you, for you or train you how). This social media activation includes:

  • Doing The Do!
  • Monitoring & Managing
  • Social Media Optimisation
  • (Listening, Posting, Signposting)

Measurement & Reporting

So. How did we get on? Did the campaign fly or flatten? Using industry leading analytics engines we pull together all the relevant metrics into a visual monthly report, all data measured against our agreed KPIs.

Social media measurement considerations such as:

  • Capturing KPIs, Measuring Against ROI Targets
  • Visualising Data
  • Converting Digital Lingede Into Business Talk

Contact Us

Examples of how we are used; for campaign promotion, product launches, personal profile raising, celebrity support, event management, competitor analysis research, new recruit profiling, market research, social strategy, ROI/KPI setting and measurement, monthly reporting… We could go on but fairly sure you get the drift.